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What Do You Know About September 11, 2001?

September 11, 2001 is a day that changed America forever.  People of my generation and older know what happened on that horrific day, it was the “President Kennedy has been shot” moment of our lifetime. Recently, a student came in and was being interviewed.  The question of our website facts came up.  The candidate was asked if they knew what happened … Continued

FedEx Ground – Trip to Flight 93 National Memorial

We had a fantastic trip this past Summer to the Flight 93 National Memorial with the Finance team from FedEx Ground. Check out some of these fantastic photos. We had the amazing opportunity to have Flight 93 Family Member join us. Debbie Borza, a long time friend of The HALO Foundation and 93 cents for Flight 93, joined us and … Continued

2015 HALO Student LEADR Meet N Greet!

We are having our first 2015 Meet N Greet with our student LEADRS today! These students know the story of what happened to all of us on September 11, 2001,  They know the courage it took of the first responders to run into The North Tower of the World Trade Center, the South Tower of the World Trade Center, and … Continued

The 2015 LEADR Retreat is near!

We, The HALO Foundation, are holding our Fifth (5th!) premier retreat, LEADR from June 15- June 19 2015.  It will be held at Loyola Retreat House, in scenic, Clinton OH.  LEADR stands for Leadership, Education, And Development Retreat.  We will educate today’s youth to be leaders in their community and in the world. Our retreat will incorporate the story and … Continued

Heavenly Murals Article – Mother Thomas Artwork

“Beginning in Rome, where she found her religious calling, she used the same tools in her art but with a different purpose.” This was stated by the reporter, James Ewinger of the Cleveland Plain Dealer in the article, Heavenly Murals. The article is about a little cloistered nun, and who HALO is proud to call a friend, Mother Mary Thomas. She … Continued

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LEADR Retreat 2015

Loyola Retreat House

9am June 15th


2015 Wings of Charity GALA

Guys Party Center

06:00 PM